Welcome to Foodie on the Side!
 Here I’ll be chronicling my journey to feed myself in  the most delicious, real, and cost  effective way I can. If you’re like me, you love to eat out  at restaurants, but you’re on a  budget. Oh, and you LOVE to cook! So you know how  satisfying it is to cook something  delicious that makes you and your loved ones smile. I  watch tons of cooking shows, rip  recipes out of magazines all the time, and even  daydream about running a restaurant,  so of course I’m interested in learning how to  make everything I love to order at home –  for less – with lots of leftovers  that I can save for easy, cost-effective, weekday meals! My mission isn’t only about saving money though, it’s about eating better too. That means minimal red meat, more veggies, fruit, and fish, and as much organic and unprocessed foods as possible because that’s where my body gets what it really needs!

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