Gaufre’s & Goods

If you happen to be headed to quaint ol’ St. Augustine, FL anytime soon, do yourself a favor and stop in to a delicious little Polish & Greek cafe on Aviles Street called Gaufre’s & Goods.


They serve a limited, but delicious, blend of Polish and Greek fare that happens to include my favorite – PIEROGIES! – fresh and available in a variety of fillings: four cheese, potato, spinach, and mushroom&sauerkraut. They also serve up classic spinach feta pies, borsch (red beet soup), icy Polish brews, and rich cafe mochas.

 IMG_1618 IMG_1617


So like many before, this experience has inspired me – to make my own pierogies! Say goodbye to Mrs. T’s because once I’ve gone fresh, I can’t go back. This place was perfect. Small, full, and delicious. Nice staff, good service. Everything was spot on. I’m already looking forward to my next visit!

Gaufres & Goods on Urbanspoon

Gaufre's and Goods on Urbanspoon

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