Moon River Pizza


After a full day of fun at Everbank Field, a few friends brought me to this Riverside pizza joint for a bite to eat. What I liked best was that you can order any of their specialty pizzas by the slice. Yes, it’s pretty obvious that they have plain pizzas ready to go and simply add the specialty toppings and more cheese upon receiving your order, but it sure beats the limited variety you’ll find at other pizza places. “All we have left is plain cheese…” And if I’m not mistaken they use the old pizza trick I learned from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy – toasting up the bottom of your slice on a pan so it doesn’t flop over when you hold it up. Wonderful!


The inside has a funky vibe, and the staff is very nice. There’s a huge chalkboard on the wall listing their menu, making it easy to quickly scan and find what you want. While deciding, I noticed they make their white pies with feta cheese, so I had to try a slice of that and a slice of The Special, which comes with pepperoni, meatball, black olives, onions, green pepper, and mushrooms. The Special was $3.50 and the white was like $2. YUM! Both were really good.


My boyfriend got the Vegetarian slice which is pretty similar to The Special just without the meat. It has onions, green pepper, tomatoes, green and black olives, and mushrooms.


They also have the T-Rex which has all the types of meat you can get – pepperoni, ham, sausage, and meatball. I was a little jealous of that one when my friend ordered it, lol! Oh well, I’ll just have to be back ;)


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