Poogan’s Porch

While passing through Charleston, South Carolina this weekend, my boyfriend and I happened upon a popular local restaurant in a beautiful Victorian house called Poogan’s Porch, named after a beloved pooch who welcomed visitors back in the day.

We found this place online – the ratings were great, the prices were moderate, but most importantly their Stuffed Southern Fried Chicken dish had my name written all over it. So that’s where we ended up!


Luckily we arrived at a time when they were able to seat us even though we didn’t have a reservation. Keep in mind, you will get looked up and down by the hostess for attire expectations, so try to look nice. We had been on the road for hours and my boyfriend was in cargo pants and flip flops – the hostess was noticeably perturbed.


The upstairs dining room was pleasant enough, and the seats were comfy, which was welcome after being cooped up in the car. However, my water glass arrived with a big old red lipstick stain that I put my finger in before realizing it. Gross. Maybe Poogan’s Porch should be a little more concerned with *their* appearance than with ours. :(

We started with the Fried Green Tomatoes appetizer. Good decision!


The tomatoes were wonderfully crispy and served with a ball of pecan crusted goat cheese and some fruity jam. All the flavors together were excellent, and we enjoyed every last bite.

Then came the entrees. I got the chicken I had seen online, and honestly, I was  disappointed.


The presentation wasn’t anything special, seemed like the food had either slid to one side or wasn’t placed with much thought. The stuffing of collard greens and smoked gouda had very little flavor, in fact I could barely see or taste any cheese at all. The “fried” chicken coating was extremely thin and kind of fell off the chicken. It seemed like it had been sitting around for a while before I ordered it. It wasn’t even warm. The whipped mashed potatoes were super yummy, but I didn’t care too much for the green beans. Whatever seasoning they had going on didn’t really do it for me. This disappointing plate cost $20.  Should have been $12.

My boyfriend got the Ahi Tuna with Blue Cheese Risotto and Fried Oysters.


I’ve never seen this guy so in love with his meal, lol! I had to try the risotto, and it was wonderful. Super flavorful and perfectly cooked. The fried oysters were good, but it could have been any protein in there really! Wish my chicken had been fried that way… The ahi definitely stole the show, even though they cooked it a little more than he’d requested. I believe this dish cost $28.

If I ever go back to Charleston, I will definitely try someplace else for dinner. I didn’t *love* the vibe of this place. I don’t think our waiter smiled at us once, maybe not. I just didn’t feel comfortable enough to really enjoy my time there. Oh well.

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