Sandollar Restaurant


Heading over to the beaches by Little Talbot island anytime soon? My favorite place to cap off a relaxing day at the beach is the nearby Sandollar restaurant. They offer a wide selection of surf and turf for any size appetite, but I usually go for the seafood.


Their blackened scallops were great, cooked perfectly, but I believe most of their fried items, like clams, onion rings, and shrimp are frozen, not fresh. Disappointing, but what can you do? Hush puppies come with nearly everything and they’re very tasty.

Good luck deciding what to get, because no matter what you order, you will assuredly see someone else’s heaping plate of yummy looking food go by, leaving you wishing you could try a little bit of everything!


The inside of the restaurant is nice, but I like sitting out on the back deck because it’s right on the water and you can enjoy a cool breeze while watching jet skiers, sailboats, and huge cargo boats go by. Every time we’ve been there they’ve had live bands playing music outside, although the last time we were there they spent over a hour doing sound check instead of actually playing anything. It was amusing nonetheless. ;)



The prices seem on par with any run of the mill seafood joint in FL so be prepared to ¬†fork out some cash. There also seems to be somewhat of a dress code there, so don’t go wandering in in just a bikini. But even you did, they’d probably let you sit outside.

The only negative I really noticed this time around was that my glass of ice water tasted funny, like it had come out of a moldy, plastic water tank. I recommend getting bottled water if that kind of thing matters to you like it does to me.

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