Si Senor Fresh Mex


Tucked away in a peaceful shopping center on St Johns Bluff, Si Senor Fresh Mex is a top contender for fast casual Mexican in Southside. Having tried a few around town already, I was excited when my boyfriend told me about a new place he’d found that beat out all the rest. After a recent lunch date there with him, I have to say I completely agree!

First impressions:
There was a 2-for-1 deal on Yuenglings advertised in the window – always welcome
On the inside, the restaurant is narrow but feels open.
You place your order at the counter and then seat yourself – different

But before you settle in, be sure to visit the salsa bar in front. They have an amazing medium salsa that we really loved, and hotter ones for spice lovers. Complimentary chips are provided. This is the kind of salsa I want to make at home. I mean my salsa is great, but it’s more on the chunky side. This is that super blended kind that’s full of flavor. I could eat this all day.


We got our entrees relatively quickly. Good thing, because the customers really started to pile in at this time. I’d say right around noon it was suddenly packed.

We both got the Enchiladas Suizas, which are corn tortillas stuffed with grilled chicken and topped with green tomatillo sauce and cheese sauce. Served with a side of rice and beans.


I first tried Enchiladas Suizas years ago in the form of a Lean Cuisine frozen entree, but they used more sour cream than cheese to save on calories. Because of this I thought I didn’t like Enchiladas Suizas for the longest time until I saw it on the menu at Maya Grill at Disney World and realized that it’s supposed to be made with cheese, not just sour cream. When I tried the real deal, I fell in love. I’m not even a huge fan of tomatillo sauce, but this dish is great.

So when I saw it on the menu at Si Senor, I didn’t think twice. I had to get it for a second opinion. And it was even better! The chicken was moist, super flavorful, and didn’t seem like it had been sitting around or reheated at all. Tender white meat all the way, no gross gristle. The rice and beans were great too. We didn’t have to add salt to anything, everything was seasoned perfectly. I would have preferred a little more cheese sauce on my enchiladas, but I can’t really complain because the tomatillo sauce left nothing lacking.

My boyfriend got the vegetarian version which came with peppers, onions, and tomatoes instead of chicken. He was very happy with his :)

UPDATE!! 9/19/14

We went back for lunch again and tried their chimichangas this time. Chimichangas are my favorite Mexican dish, and I was NOT disappointed! The chicken was moist, seasoned well, and seemed fresh, and the tortilla was fried to golden perfection. Si Senor officially has my heart <3


What I like best about Si Senor is how comfortable I feel there. It’s just a simple place with great food. And the staff is super friendly. There’s no pretentiousness, or the feeling that you’re being rushed out the door like I’ve experienced at Los Portales and Casa Maria. PLUS the food here is just better. Keep it up, Si Senor!



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